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Roll Seda

Our mission!

Roll Seda makes a point of being an environmentally friendly company and aware of its responsibility for the sustainable development of our planet. All stages of the manufacturing process of our products comply with strict international quality controls, which confirm it as a 100% organic product.

Roll Seda requires a series of sustainable and organic practices from its raw material suppliers so that the end consumer has the most natural product possible. The use of wood from planted forests is one of these practices that we require. Our products are made 100% via the raw material of planted forests in order to guarantee the preservation of the region's natural eco-system and avoid illegal deforestation without governmental control.

The sustainability of our products is also understood as a socio-environmental return for the region that manufactures each stage of the product, in the form of jobs, vocational courses, free courses, cultural and artistic production and among others.


Our products come 100% from planted forests, which ensures a higher quality product.


The preservation of native forests, their fauna and flora justifies all the effort that Roll Seda requires to ensure 100% organic products.

Environmental Return

Our sustainable and eco-friendly actions guarantee the renewal of the regional ecosystem through pest control in forests.

Roll Seda and Karma

Roll Seda believes in solutions for sustainable consumption. For that reason, we have created Ecotips in partnership with Karma Tips. A line of 100% organic, eco-friendly rolling papers with Tips that, when discarded on soil, grow into plants. Our world is greener when we care about nature.

According to BBC (British Broadcast Corporation), about 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are spread around the world per year. This sustainable option can change the reality of constant aggression to our planet. Now, you who loves Nature, can have a new totally eco-friendly experience, smoking your handmade cigarette.

...let's spread the green!

High quality


True chlorine free unbleached


Sustainable and eco-friendly production.


Uniform texture technology to ensure slower and more even burning.


Free of taste and artificial smells.


Ultrathin paper to ensure more enjoyable burning.


100% pure high quality vegetable gum to ensure more even burning.


Constant research to develop a proper and standardized paper burn.


A line of 100% organic, eco-friendly rolling papers with tips that, when discarded on the soil, become plants.

100% Organic and Sustainable

Eco Quality in 1 place!

Each step in the manufacturing processes of French Rolling Papers involves specific criteria and quality controls that must be reached with maximum marks so that they can use the "Eco Quality" seal on their products.

The most valued step in the manufacturing processes of French Rolling Papers is the "100% Organic" seal, since to achieve this seal it is necessary to prove that the whole development process is 100% free from the use of chlorination, bleaching, additives chemicals and other industrial products on the Rolling Papers and still prove that the process is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The quest for the most natural paper!

Environmental awareness is one of the most important pillars of Roll Seda philosophy and the use of strict, high-quality processes makes its silk papers 100% organic and sustainable.

The entire production chain is affected by the philosophy of “sustainability and preservation of the environment” with some examples below:

- - Proven sustainable practices of material suppliers throughout the manufacturing process and research.

- - Concern about using only wood with replanting to guarantee the preservation of the region’s natural eco-system and avoid ilegal deforestation without governmental control.


Seal that proves the quality in the process of manufacturing and product development.




100% recyclable and biodegradable silk papers.