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Roll Seda

Dear Brazilians, welcome Roll Seda!

We are planting an idea, and once the roots are deep and strong, no one will be able to stop it. One of the most sustainable brands in the world is hitting Brazilian market. Roll Seda is an eco-friendly company and, thus, aware of its responsibility for the development of a sustainable planet.

Our headquarters are in Germany, and we have two strategically located plants. The first plant is in India, where we have a partnership with Karma, a company that makes cigarette tips out of seeds. The second is conveniently located in the heart of Latin America, offering easy access to Brazilian market.

Roll Seda requires evidence of sustainable and organic practices from its raw material suppliers so that the final consumer has a product that is as natural as possible. Our raw material is European and meets all regulatory requirements for organic products. Roll Seda uses the highest quality material available on the market.

We do this for you, for nature and for the planet! Enjoy the moment with us.