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Roll Seda

Ecotips Line: Official Launch in Europe

We planted a seed in European grounds. Together with Karma, ZOMO officially launched the Ecotips line of products which include booklets with organic roll paper and ecological cigarette holders. The package contains cigarette holders that sprout to life as a plant when discarded in the soil. Our world becomes greener when we take care of nature. A unique eco-friendly product that does no harm to the planet.

The launch took place in Amsterdam, the land of the free, home of the legal cannabis. Canal Umdois, one of the world’s largest cannabis channels, honored guests with their presence. Distinguished partners such as Bulldog coffeeshop, one of the largest coffee-shop networks in the world, sent their reps. The event was also attended by prestigious influencers and friendly local people who wanted to get to know and try ZOMO innovative and sustainable product.

The age of sustainability is just beginning. We do our part bringing innovation to this area, and offering you a chance to choose products that do not damage the environment. Let’s think about our world today! This is ecolife, this is Roll Seda.