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Hemp: All you wanted to know about it

My dear cannabis lover friends. Even searching everywhere, many people have questions about what Hemp actually is: is marijuana and hemp the same thing? Is Hemp psychoactive? What are the differences between Hemp and Organic rolling papers? There are several questions on the topic, which makes it confusing. But relax cause we’ll shed light on the subject. Let’s get started!

Marijuana and Hemp is not the same thing

Both are part of the cannabis family, and visually they are similar. For non-experts, it’s very difficult to spot the difference, but there are some characteristics in their composition that differentiate them completely.

Marijuana is shorter and sturdier and contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive compound that makes people “high”. Hemp is taller and with few lateral branches. In its composition we can find Cannabidiol (CBD), which is used for various medical treatments and has no psychoactive effects. More than 25 thousand products for various uses such as automotive, food, construction, textile and even rolling paper can be made from Hemp.

What are the differences between Hemp rolling papers and Organic rolling papers?

The only difference is that Hemp comes from cannabis fibers. Both are 100% natural and have no chemical additives. But remember that Hemp rolling paper has no psychoactive compounds.

Ok? It’s pretty easy to spot the differences and characteristics of Hemp and Marijuana. Now you’re up to date and you can talk about it with your friends. Check out some curiosities about Hemp:

  • From ropes to sails, there were 80 tons of Hemp on  Columbus’s ship;
  • Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States, wrote the Declaration of Independence on a Hemp paper;
  • Van Gogh and other well-known artists painted their art on Hemp canvases.