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Roll Seda

Hemp to the world

We are an environmentally friendly company that is aware of its responsibility for a sustainable development of our planet. Throughout all manufacturing process, our products are in compliance with strict international quality control regulations, which certify our product is 100% organic.

Welcome the Hemp line – rolling paper made from hemp fiber, without psychoactive substances, free of chemicals and additives for you to enjoy your moment in a totally natural way.

Hemp can replace several raw materials that are harmful for the planet. A Hemp plantation uses half the land and 75% less water compared to what non-organic cotton would need to obtain the same number of products. This is sustainability!

Our Hemp line was made for those who prefer organic products, and whose habits, such as biking to work, recycling garbage, buying from local producers and using organic rolling paper, reduce harm and help the planet. Isn’t it great?

We want a more sustainable world and we know you are with us. The future is Hemp.