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Roll Seda

Roll Seda puts rolling paper and tips together, and launches that complete pack you deserve

Roll Seda has just launched two new products to add to the family.

Our new products include the Ecopack kit (containing 1 rolling paper booklet and 1 tip booklet), and the EcoTips (a tip booklet). Such innovations will make it easier to roll your joint, and everything will become more practical.

Roll Seda products are ready to sell at the nearest head shop. To guarantee your new faves, access ‘Our Distributors’ and place your order.

Always thinking about a greener world, EcoTips improve your experience so that you can best enjoy your green choice.

Ecotips and Harm Reduction

Besides not having to rip the booklet to prepare your weed, EcoTips are the best choice for contributing to harm reduction.

Harm reduction is the extra care for conscious consumption of your joint. Using Eco Tips you not only avoid the risk of getting burnt while enjoying a hookah session but also guarantee cooler smoke.

Organic material

As you already know, Roll Seda is eco-friendly. Our material is 100% organic and free of additives that can damage your health.

Eco Tips can be used without fear. Join us for a more sustainable world.