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Roll Seda

Cannabis in Amsterdam

Among several great places around the globe, Roll Seda can also be found in one of the most vibrating cities in the planet. Amsterdam in Holland is where you should go to learn everything related to marijuana and thus, have unique experiences. No other topic is better or more updated than that on our blog.

The level of freedom and activism achieved by the Dutch resulted in a 1976 act that allows the use of marijuana and hashish in specific areas, the well-known Coffee Shops. Indeed, a milestone in history, helping the progress and development of the country by allowing its people to experience ‘real freedom’.

There are around 150 coffee shops in Amsterdam. In order to visit and enjoy those coffee shops you must be over 18. Fancy that!! Being over 18 is all it takes to buy and use marijuana and its derivative products such as cookies and hash, among others. No impediment is to be found in that city so, take your ‘Roll seda’ and hang out with your friends for a unique experience. Note: In other cities in the Netherlands, the product can only be purchased by local residents or Dutch citizens.

In addition to the Coffee Shops, you can learn about the history of marijuana along with the history of mankind by visiting the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam. The exhibition will present the Cannabis plant as an incredible gain because it is the only species of plant that resulted in the development of clothes, medicines, sea travel, agriculture and other areas.

Visiting Amsterdam brings forth a mix of experiences. Culture and knowledge are scattered throughout the city. Take your ‘Roll Seda’ with you for this unforgettable trip.    Have you ever visited The Netherlands? Have you ever had a Dutch experience? Leave your comment on our social networks and we’ll share this adventure with you.